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Our company is one of Cobb County’s leading tax preparation firms. We work with local taxpayers and even taxpayers as far away as Australia to help them maximize their refund, minimize taxes, take advantage of education and retirement credits, and respond to letters from the I.R.S., and avoid audits.

We fit a niche for gig workers, small business clients, day traders, and real estate investors where it’s a little too complicated for yourself or regular tax professionals, but it’s not so difficult that you need a C.P.A. and monthly bookkeeping.

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Brian Koehler
Business Development Manager

Why Should You Choose Us ?

Brian Koehler
Business Development Manager

Co-founders Brian Koehler and Tim Blair started working in the tax business in 2007.  Brian began work as an Associate Preparer at one of the “big 3” retail income tax preparation firms.  Tim began work as a Technical Support Representative for an internet start-up supporting tax preparers using the first ever internet based tax preparation software.  From tax returns to paycheck protection program loans and recordkeeping, Peach State Tax’s dedicated team serves all taxpayers with a variety of needs. Our results draw on more than 14 years of technical experience, delivered by 2 Master Tax Advisors.

Each of the “big 3” retail income tax preparation companies have continued to raise tax prep fees far faster than client’s income and far faster than inflation.  Brian was embarrassed when a client finally slapped her palm down on the desk and exclaimed, “You charge more than a lawyer!”  Brian and Tim saw an opportunity to help clients without charging more than a lawyer.  Since then, Tim has, in fact, passed his bar exam and is now the lawyer for Peach State Tax.  But, he only charges lawyer fees when doing lawyer work.

Each client works one-on-one with their preferred tax preparer, year after year.  That attention may be here in the office, or by zoom, or by phone, it’s the client’s choice.  The smart phone app and the client portal help with communication between clients and their tax preparer.  Every client has as much attention as they want.  If you’re a client who only wants the bottom line refund without a lot of chit-chat, great, you’ll get that bottom line refund.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Our uniquely collaborative and passionate tax preparers work alongside our clients every step of the way—caring more, telling it like it is—to meet all expectations.

Brian Koehler

Business Development Manager
Development Prior to helping Peach State Tax develop a business and marketing plan, Brian

Linda Azajtó

Accounting Manager
Accounting As the Third Master Tax Advisor at Peach State Tax, Linda is widely appreciated

Tim Blair, J.D.

Attorney and Master Tax Advisor
Diversity of Experiences Prior to co-founding Peach State Tax, Tim worked as a Technical

Dennis Fuller

Master Tax Advisor
Diversity of Experiences Prior to coming on-board Peach State Tax as their second Master
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We have continued to be innovators for our industry, with an entrepreneurial culture that is never satisfied with the status quo, for ourselves or for our clients.