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Our tax preparers focus on our clients’ most critical income tax issues and opportunities: personal taxes, family taxes, house cleaner, day-trading, deck builder, investing, gig-economy, rental houses, estate, education credits, married filing separately, injured spouse, and splitting dependent tax benefits between divorced parents, is a short list of typical client tax issues and opportunities that we work with.

Who we can help

1. I don't have a complicated return, just a W-2 from a job.

We can help the bread and butter taxpayer, the usual nuclear family with income from a job or jobs and kids.

2. I just clean houses. I really don't make much money doing it.

We help lots of clients, often single Moms, who clean houses because that fits into their kid’s school schedule.  We can help you get your earned income credit and child tax credit.

3. What about rental houses?

Oh, now you’re talking our language.  Brian and Linda also have rental houses and have figured out how to maximize deductions and depreciation because they have a vested interest in saving money.  Linda rents to Section 8 tenants.  Brian doesn’t.

4. My Mom died. Does someone have to do her taxes?

Tim and Brian know how you feel, both have lost their Moms.  As an attorney, Tim can help with probate if you need to transfer you Parent’s house and car into your name and anything else.  And, yes, even your Parents have to file taxes the year that they pass away.  You may even need an estate tax return.

5. s-corporations

Having an s-corporation to save on self-employment taxes is a great plan.  As long as revenue is less than $250,000, yes we can.  If revenue is more, let’s spend a few minutes to see how many more forms and schedules you’ll need.

6. What about deducting my $30,000 day trading software?

You can treat day-trading as a business and deduct that $30,000 day trading software.  Did you take a class at Online Trading Academy?  Brian has and has experience doing taxes for day-traders.

7. My kid claimed themselves on their taxes, now I can't get the education credits. Can you believe that?

Oh yeah, We’ve seen that a few times.  Your kid clicks the button that nobody can claim them and they like seeing their refund go up $300 and now they can go shopping.  But, her parents lose out on a $500 dependent credit and $2,500 in education credits.  We can fix that.

8. My ex claimed the kids and they weren't supposed to.

It’s not the first time, is it.

And, who we can’t

1. Payroll and retirement plans

One year I worked for a firm that had a marvelous system for doing payroll and retirement plans.  Over half of the clients over-the-road truck drivers.  The firm had a system in place that worked and the clients were on their own payroll and some even had retirement plans.  If you have payroll and a retirement plan, I recommend seeing her, because she can do it better than we can.

2. Bookkeeping

When you want bookkeeping for your business, you may also be at a point where it’s beneficial to have payroll, a retirement plan, health insurance, dental insurance, etc.  You may plan on selling your business one day for a profit.  With this, I can point you in the direction of a C.P.A.

3. Partnerships

Oh lord no.  Partners argue too much.  But, I know who has the patience to do your partnership return.

4. "My girlfriend's mom said that I don't have to claim the income on this 1099-NEC."

Well, if you’re going to rely on her tax advice, why don’t you ask her to do your taxes?

5. April 15 at 5:00 pm: "I need 3 years of tax returns for my landscaping business completed. The I.R.S. deadline isn't until midnight, right?"

I’ve been here since January 2.  Where have you been?

6. What if I claim my child? What if my Mom claims my child? What if my boyfriend claims my child? What if my ex claims my child? What if ...

We can discuss the scenarios, but, we aren’t going to make 5 different tax returns to compare every “what if” scenario.

simple to complex

You’ve Got Plenty of Reasons to

Become a Peach State Tax Client This Year

Our tax preparation focuses on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities: different types of income, deductions, credits, depreciation, amendments, responding to I.R.S. letters, refund advance loans, and estimated tax payments.

Simple, Students, Retirees

/ per return plus optional forms
  • W-2 Income
  • Social Security Income
  • Retirement Income
  • No business 1099-NEC or -MISC or -K
  • No Dependents


/ per tax return plus opt. forms
  • Child Tax Credit
  • Other Dependent Credit
  • Earned Income Credit
  • Rebate Recovery Credit
  • Additional Child Tax Credit


/ per tax return plus opt. forms
  • Medical Expenses
  • Home Mortgage Interest
  • Real Estate Taxes
  • Charitable Contributions
  • State Income Taxes
for those with a slightly more complex tax return
Optional Forms

Georgia is ALWAYS FREE

Additional States
income outside of Georgia
Additional Complicated States
California, Massachussetts, Michigan, New Jersey

Investment/Other Income

investment trades
Cancelled Debt
Retirement Income
Health Savings Account

Less Common Items

Investment, Partnership Income, Estates and Trusts
Rental Property
house, AirBNB, etc.
1099-NEC__________________________ 1099-MISC__________________________ 1099-K__________________________
EVERY 1099-NEC and 1099-MISC and 1099-K is a small business additional form to your personal tax return.
Uber and Lyft drivers get 50% off because they're not too difficult and time consuming.
EVERY small business client will get one-on-one deduction and recordkeeping counseling and a personalized deductions worksheet.
Form 3115
because you haven't been depreciating your rental house.

Tax Credits

Premium Tax Credit
for health insurance through the marketplace
Education Credits
for students
Dependent Care Credit
child care
Foreign Tax Credit
paid to foreign countries
Retirement Savings Tax Credit
for retirement savings contributions
Adoption Credits
for proud parents


free for prior year clients
plus the extra forms to file
Business and Rental Sales and 1031 Exchanges
deferring taxes
City Returns
Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Ohio
Change of Address
to keep receiving I.R.S. letters
Set Up Quarterly Payments
estimated tax payments. free for prior year clients.
Another Look
review what you did on Turbo Tax

Even Less Common Items

Other even less common forms
could be anything. $5 - $200 depending on how complicated it is.
Responding to I.R.S. letters
free for prior year clients
Answering Questions
free for prior year clients. Otherwise, $1 per minute.

Bank Products

Refund Transfer
pay for your tax prep with your refund
Audit Assistance
with Protection Plus
ID Theft Protection
with iProtect
Credit Repair
with Forever Good Credit
Refund Advance Loan
advances on your refund at 35.99% APR
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