Technology on the Move
There's an App for that

On the move and use your smart phone for everything?  Get the App!

1. How does it work?

We help clients complete their taxes without ever coming to the office. Our tax preparers provide you with the opportunity to submit your tax documents at any time.  Use the camera on your smart phone and aim at the QR code below and install the App on your phone.  The App is a safe and secure way to upload documents.

2. When should I upload my tax documents?

You may submit as the documents come to you.  Or, you can submit them all at once.

3. Don't you have a Client Portal on your website also?

Yes, you can find the client portal here.  The smart phone app is most appropriate for clients with just a W-2 and perhaps a small number of other tax forms to share with your tax preparer.  Use the App to take a picture of your tax documents.  The Client Portal is most appropriate for clients with .pdf files of tax documents and spreadsheets.  Clients can use both the client portal and the App.  The Client Portal and App are linked and share the same information.

4. What document types can I upload?

Clients can upload anything you can take a picture of on your smartphone.  Most likely, you’ll take a picture of your W-2.

5. After I upload my tax documents, when will I hear back from my tax preparer?

Usually within a day.  Sometimes, within a few minutes.  Your tax preparer will schedule a phone call or zoom meeting for a thorough tax interview to complete an accurate tax return with all the deductions and credits you deserve.  After your review, you can approve your tax return or ask to wait for more tax documents or wait to ask for more clarity.

6. Some docs come in the mail, others are emailed to me. What should I do?

One option is to use both the Client Portal (for the docs that are emailed to you or you download from a company) and use the smart phone App to upload photos you take of the docs that come in the mail.  The App and the Client Portal are linked and share information with each other and your tax preparer.

Another option is to open the Client Portal in a browser on your smart phone and upload a picture you took from your smart phone picture gallery.

7. If I still have questions, where can I find answers?

We help clients all the time.  Any client can call, or email, or stop by anytime with any questions or to ask for clarity.  If you’re not a client, isn’t it time to become a Peach State Tax client?

Tax Office Code: Peach

There’s an App for that

Just scan the QR code with your smartphone camera and download the App. If you’re a current client, I already have a lot of info, so, you don’t need to enter spouse and kids social security numbers and all that jazz. The minimum info is one full name, social security number, birthday, and scan your drivers license. Then, take pictures of all your tax documents. It’s that easy!

We don’t have a cute, animated video of how to use the Smartphone App, but, a friendly competitor has a cute, animated YouTube video.  We will get our own soon.  But, for 2021, just in the interest of having something to help and guide clients, check out this short, cute, animated YouTube video.