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1. How long is an appointment?

The default is 90 minutes.  However, your tax preparer may adjust that for a shorter time or longer time, as needed.

2. Does an appointment mean I have to come to the office?

An appointment is for 1-on-1 time between you and your tax preparer.  How we have that time is up to you: at the office, zoom with screen sharing, WhatsApp, or phone call.  Your choice.

3. What's included with an appointment?

You’ll get a thorough tax interview.  Your tax preparer will ask lots of questions.  The purpose is to get to know your tax situation and get all the deductions and credits you deserve.  We usually finish at the end of the appointment.  But, sometimes you’ll have to go home and look for another tax document.  The most common missing tax document is form 1098-T, your college age child’s tuition statement, which is needed for your education credit.

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