Dennis Fuller

Master Tax Advisor
rental house taxes, bitcoin taxes, small business taxes
11 Years

Diversity of Experiences

Prior to coming on-board Peach State Tax as their second Master Tax Advisor, Dennis worked for one of F.E.M.A.’s largest supply chain contractors as their training manager where he provided training across the U.S.A., often quickly implementing training plans in the wake of disasters.  Outside of emergency disaster field training, Dennis is an accomplished movie extra actor with 70 films to his credit.  He has a bachelors and masters degree in English from Troy State University.  On free weekends, you can find Dennis working on his farm near Columbus Georgia.

When we recently asked for him advice on overcoming adversity he said, “Life is full of speed bumps.  You just gotta go over them.  If you keep hitting the same speed bump, maybe it’s time to take a different road.  What’s the worst that can happen?  

Expertise & Skills

Small Businesses and Gigs
Investing and Day Trading
Rentals and AirBNB


Bachelors and Masters degree in English from Troy State University.

Continuing Education at Columbus State University.

Annual Continuing Professional Education (CPE) in taxes through Wolters Kluwer, the leading provider of continuing professional education for tax preparers and many other professionals.

Career Management

Dennis has the mindset of an entrepreneur that he got from his father.  He has a mechanical mind and tinkering hands that he kept busy working in his family compressor rebuilding business, his father’s successful, nationally renown business.  Growing up with a successful small business owner, Dennis learned the value of successful marketing at an early age.  Now, Dennis has found success as an independent corporate trainer, Dennis’ accomplishments are numerous. In 1994, he purchased and rented two houses, dipping his toes into the residental rental market.  He attributes his success to his handyman skills he learned in his family compressor rebuilding business.  In 2011 he was an early investor in bitcoin.  Throughout his entrepreneurial ventures, he worked some usual 9-5 jobs, usually as a training manager.

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