Brian Koehler

Business Development Manager
Paycheck Protection Program loans and forgiveness, technical development
15 Years


Prior to helping Peach State Tax develop a business and marketing plan, Brian worked at one of the “big three” retail tax preparation companies where he worked his way up to the highest possible certification level and was a certified small business tax advisor.  At the same time, Brian earned the privledge of representating taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service by becoming an Enrolled Agent.  He has a degree in Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.  Active outside of work, you can find Brian with his friends on his boat on Allatoona Lake..

When we recently asked for him advice on making good career choices he said, “Try something.  If it doesn’t work out, you can change.  That’s why pencils have erasers – Radar O’Reilly.  When you think about where you want to go to work, you should really think about what you’ll be good at. If you’re not good at your work, you’ll be noticed more than you’ll be noticed when you’re good at your work.  And, there’s a certain feeling of pride and confidence when you know that you’re good at your work.”

Expertise & Skills

Small Businesses and Gigs
Investing and Day Trading
Rentals and AirBNB


Engineering degree from Georgia Institute of Technology.

Continuing Education at Spartanburg Technical College and Chattahoochee Technological College.

Annual Continuing Professional Education (CPE) in taxes through Wolters Kluwer, the leading provider of continuing professional education for tax preparers and many other professionals.

Career Management

Brian has had a great career … or careers.  He’s always had a good work ethic and been accused by his father of burning the candle at both ends. An active entrepreneur, Justin’s accomplishments are numerous. In 1997, he started coaching tennis to kids.  He attributes his success to his patience with kids.  In 1999 he started Lanier Bath & Closet Finishing installing ventilated closet shelves in new construction.  Brian has dabbled in two MLMs: QuickStar and Juice Plus.  Throughout his entrepreneurial ventures, he worked the usual 9-5 jobs as an engineer with Avery (the label company), and the Georgia Environmental Protection Division.

Brian’s most successful and long term business venture is as a Business Consultant with Peach State Tax.  He attributes it to a few things.  First, he fits the part.  Brian wasn’t a college or semi-pro tennis player, so, coaching more than kids was out of the question because it didn’t take long until the kids developed their skills and beat him.  Brian doesn’t look like a construction worker, so, meeting builders and drumming up business installing ventilated shelving was met with more than one doubtful look.  Second, Brian is good with numbers and software (also why he’s a good engineer).  He stands out in the field and has a fantastic comprehension of taxes, deductions and credits, and how they look on a tax return.  His early gigs make him acutely aware of the time consuming and worrisome feelings his clients have for recordkeeping and taxes in their own entreprenure ventures.

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